The Crew

Tightline Tours is owned and operated by an experienced team composed of three sons and their father. Tightline Tours has been featured fives times on The Outdoor Channel’s “Monster Fish” with legendary angler Dennis Braid as the host. Tightline Tours has just finished filming with Michael Fowlkes of Inside Sportsfishing TV, these shows will air in the spring 2014.

Captain Greg Norton

header As the son of a lifelong fisherman, Greg’s admiration for fishing flows in his veins. Greg started his fishing career at the age of 14 as a lobster fisherman. Then in 1979, Greg caught his first Bluefin tuna. It was a whopping 966 pounds and Greg has been hooked ever since. In Greg’s record year, he landed 18 giant Bluefin tuna. Although Greg takes great pride in his fishing abilities, he’s even more proud to be passing on his love of the ocean to his children. With over 30 years of fishing experience, Greg is ready to take you on the adventure of your life with Tightline Tours!

Captain Koen Norton

header Like his father and older brothers, Koen has shown an interest in fishing at the young age of 8. If there is an opportunity presented to go fishing, Koen is the first one awake and ready to head to the boat. Similar to his father and brothers, Koen loves the excitement of catching big game fish. Koen was able to fight a Bluefin tuna for 5 minutes this summer, so he is ready to reel in another big one again this upcoming season with Tightline Tours!

Captain Spencer Norton

header Like his dad, Spencer began fishing at just 14 years of age. Since then, he has become a skilled, well-rounded angler but, like his father, his passion is giant bluefin tuna. He loves the excitement of catching big game fish and watching others experience the same thrill. Having recently completed his Captain’s certification, Spencer has teamed up with his father as the First Captain for Tightline Tours.

Our Boats

header The MV Tightline is a 45 ft. government-approved charter vessel equipped to carry 12 passengers. Her sister boat, the locally-constructed MV Bulletproof, is a 43 ft. vessel with a 30 passenger capacity.

Each of our vessels is fully equipped with running water and washroom facilities. Both are outfitted with all the required safety features and have been inspected and approved by Transport Canada.

Our Sponsors

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